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Through the years, Bentley Plumbing has been working hard to keep the quality of our services to an excellent level. Read more >>

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Our services include Plumbing Services, Boiler Installation, Drainage Services, across the whole of London …

Bentley Central Heating Services

bentley-heatingInstalling central heating needs serious attention to details since its complicated job. However, our clients need not to worry about that since our teams of heating engineers are all well trained. They already have years of experience when it comes to central heating, so you can be assured that they are good at what they do which are:

  • full central heating installation
  • boiler installation
  • water main repair
  • boiler repair


Bentley Plumbing Services

One of the most common concerns in every household is heating and plumbing. From simple leaky faucet to a more complicated one, we got it all covered for you. Our company is just a call away, so whatever problems you might have, our skilled plumbers can resolve it right away. Plumbing is one of our expertises, and we want to help in transforming your dream bathroom into reality. These are all the services we have for you:

  • toilet and taps
  • bathrooms
  • showers
  • radiators
  • bursts and leaks
  • pumps and valve cylinders
  • tanks and overflows

Bentley Drainage Services

Nothing is more frustrating than a blocked drain, and we know that. The reason why our company has many options in solving your drainage concerns. We don’t want to take a chance with only one method, so whatever it is that blocked your drain, our company is confident enough to say that we can handle it. Time is also a factor, and with our plumbers years of experience they already know what method to use in different types of drainage problems so the work duration is much faster. In addressing every blockage, we use different methods such as:

  • drain rodding
  • chemical cleaning
  • mechanical scouring
  • high pressure jetting

The company with a solid reputation

Giving the type of services we have is a tough job, especially with all the competition these days. But what makes us stay on top of our clients list? The answer is plain and simple “we value you.” Yes, our clients are our main priority and we value the rapport we established between you and our company. With Bentley Plumbing years of experience in this field, we already know what clients wants are. Thus, our company have always been giving reasonable rates to our services, everything are transparent so there’s surely no hidden charges. What you pay is what you get, only excellent workmanship … no more, no less

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